Creating network on Nano

I’d like to run some tests on the nano while I’m outside, but without WiFi I cannot SSH in. Is there a way to create a network on the nano so I can SSH from my computer into the nano directly.


method 1: Connect the micro usb cable between your host and tegra, you shall see there is a interface with IP 192.168.55.x.

method 2. Connect a ethernet cable directly between host and tegra and assign the IP manually.

Can you please go into detail on how to do those both?


I don’t think there is any detail in method 1. It is just plug micro usb cable and check ifconfig…

TIP: The wired ethernet has a default of using DHCP. This means if you connect this to a router, and boot, then the router logs should show an address being requested/assigned to the Jetson. You could also use direct login or serial console to run “ifconfig” and find out the assigned address.

The default address of the micro-B USB is If “ifconfig” on your host shows a device with address “”, then you should be able to “ping”, or “ssh”.

Seeing “”, but not being able to ping or ssh, tends to imply some security setting on the host PC side is getting in the way, and it might just be that the host PC needs to enable that interface. You can also watch “dmesg --follow” on the host PC, and then plug in the micro-B USB…at the moment of plugin you will get several useful messages.