Access Jetson Webserver Wirelessly Without a Network Connection

I currently have an apache webserver running on my Jetson Nano. I have a Waveshare Wireless NIC module installed on the Nano so I can connect it to Wi-Fi networks . I can access the web pages I created if I connect the Nano to the same network as my laptop or phone and enter the Nano’s IP address in my device’s browser. I want to be able to access these pages wirelessly without connecting the Nano to a network and without having to get it’s IP address.

I’ve tried enabling the Wi-Fi hotspot and connecting my phone to it, but I keep getting an alert that the activation of the network connection failed. I also tried turning the Nano into a hotspot using hostapd and connecting my computer to it. But I am not sure how to view the webpages that way, or if it even is possible. I tried typing localhost in my computer’s browser while it was connected but that did not work either.

What should I do next?

Please be aware that there is no such thing as “I don’t want a IP but I still want a remote access”.

When you set wifi hotspot on jetson nano, make sure you also install the dhcp server, otherwise your devices connected to the wifi will have no IP assignment.

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FYI, by definition use of the WiFi implies an IP address. However, although you mentioned that you were unable to run the Nano as a hotspot, this is probably what you need (don’t give up too easily on this). I’m not a WiFi guy, but in theory if your Nano broadcasts itself (not a hidden SSID), then your host should be able to view the broadcast. The important part is that if your Nano does not broadcast SSID, then it is essentially “hidden”. I can’t help on that since I don’t know enough about WiFi, but don’t give up too soon on that.

Note that “localhost” is just an alias for the computer you are currently using. When you use a web browser to localhost you are asking to look at the web server running on the local host. You must use the IP address of the Nano, and that should be known when you find the SSID and connect to the Jetson. Sorry, I don’t know details.

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When you correctly set up the Jetson as a Hotspot, the IP address of the Jetson is
If you are using Network Manager, make sure that the connection type is ‘Hotspot’. The default appears to be “ad-hoc” Recent wifi cards do not support ad-hoc network connections. You should be able to ssh into the Jetson at that address once configured.

In order to connect to your web server in your browser, you connect to the IP address and the port where the web server is connected. E.g.

That should serve the default page (usually index.html or equivalent). You may need to more specific in the naming depending on how your server is configured.