Connecting to jetson nano with laptop

Hi All,

Can someone help me with steps in accessing my jetson nano through my ubuntu laptop .


Is the Nano connected to the same router or network switch? If so, then using the ssh/scp/sftp family of commands works well. Just depends what you are trying to do. Probably need more information.

Hi ,

When I booted nano for the first time I have connected to my monitor(with HDMI) and then connected to wifi . After that I started accessing my jetson nano through SSH or remote desktop. As of now its working fine now. But my question is when am in new wifi zone , how to connect my nano to that new wifi with out connecting to display(Through HDMI).

How to access jetson nano through my laptop with new wifi connectivity .

Thanks in advance

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That I don’t know. You need automatic hopping between various access points, but that is something I have not set up. Someone else may have advice on how to set it up without needing to carry around a monitor and keyboard.

How you connect with your laptop using ssh, please explain it to me I also want to connect.