Jetson Nano Headless Remote Access

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I know this topic is heavily discussed in here, and most answers seem to involve utilizing VNC for remote access for the Nano.

My issue is this: I wish to be able leave the Nano working in the field (with WiFi access), and be able to reboot it remotely from my office. I will take any suggestions on how to do this but preferably I’d like to access the terminal remotely (from different internet connections) and just run systemctl reboot or whatever I can do to reboot it. The issue with VNC is that based off what I’ve read in this forum, it needs the Nano to have a monitor connected to it to be able to remotely access the GUI. Since there will be no monitor connected, terminal access will suffice, but I am not sure on how to do this. I am pretty new to this field and technology, so apologies for my lack of experience, but I will take any recommendations on the matter.

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This issue seems not related to VNC at all.
I think you could just use ssh to remote access and do all this work. Is there any difficulty to use that?

I’d like to access the terminal remotely (from different internet connections)

Is this “different internet connection” able to access your jetson nano?

Just a note, in addition to what @WayneWWW already said: Having a virtual X server in no way prevents normal ssh command line access. ssh is a good way to do a reboot (assuming the system is up and running).

Hey @linuxdev and @WayneWWW , so I thought that in order for me to SSH into the device I needed to either be serial hardwired to it (USB for example) or connected to the same internet connection as it. Am I wrong? In my case I would be in a different state as the device so connecting my laptop for example to the same WiFi signal the Jetson is connected to would be impossible. So the only alternative that I have seen when researching is utilizing a VNC service for me to access the device. However it seems to only work when a monitor is plugged in to the device, which does not apply to our scenario. Apologies again for lack of experience and please correct me if I’m wrong on any of this. Thank you!

ssh works with any network access. Virtual wired ethernet over USB is one way, wired ethernet is another, and WiFi is yet another option. VNC cannot run to a remote system without networking either. If you have VNC, then you have networking. The form of providing that networking will not matter.

What is it that fails when a monitor is not plugged in? WiFi? If so, then it is a case of configuring WiFi to run even without a GUI login. Default configuration of WiFi is tied to the user logging in to the GUI, but you can configure this to run even without the GUI (I don’t use this, so someone else would need to provide details if this is what you wish to do).