How to access Jetson nano 2GB remotely

I have my Jetson nano 2 GB working. How it can be accessed remotely by other users who are working at different locations.
What configurations do i need to make?
How can they access it? via any tool or software?
How can i create users for them?

you can use SSH to use the jetson nano terminal remotely, or maybe DRP, check out this link, I think this is what you are looking for.

you may also check this tutorial to setup VNC,

Just some thoughts to keep in mind when picking the access…

ssh is by far the simplest of secure methods if you only want command line. It has companion apps scp for copy, and sftp for more in-depth file transfer. You could do this with ssh keys instead of passwords, and (within non-GUI command line) this would allow operating almost as if the copy of files and sending of commands are on the local computer.

GUI is very often mandatory for GPU-related tasks, including CUDA and hardware rendering based on the Jetson’s GPU. ssh has an ability to forward GUI content for remote display on the PC, but there are some subtle things which will get you in trouble if you don’t know how this works.

When an application runs on the Jetson, but displays on the PC via ssh forwarding, it implies that all of the GPU and graphics and CUDA function is executing on the PC, and not on the Jetson. Only the non-GPU parts execute on the Jetson. If your app runs great on the Jetson, but requires a version of OpenGLES not found on the PC, this will fail. If your app uses CUDA of a certain version not available on the PC, then this will fail. If your PC does happen to have those capabilities, you might find you have some amazing performance since it is no longer the Jetson’s GPU doing the work…perhaps you are lucky and your PC has a Titan RTX. ssh forwards X events, not the desktop.

Virtual desktops are 100% a real GUI as far as end apps know, and all CUDA and hardware rendering goes to the virtual desktop. Virtual desktops are real desktops, but they don’t require a monitor. Apps like Vino allow everything to run on the Jetson, but it forwards the desktop instead of forwarding X events.

Note that forwarding X events requires the end user to have a system with X11. Using a virtual desktop implies it works on any operating system which has the remote client. If you need CUDA and GUI run directly from the Jetson, then use a virtual desktop such as Vino. If you simply want to run non-GUI commands, or commands such as xterm which don’t mandate a GPU and CUDA, then stick with ssh, it is much simpler.

There is no reason to not run both ssh with keys and Vino. In fact you might end up using ssh to install Vino. Then you simply run what you want for circumstances.