Control Jetson nano remotely


Is there a method or an application to control jetson nano remotely. I am using the latest firmware jetpack 4.6

Thanks in advanced

If you just want command line, then use ssh. For example, if your user name is β€œname”, and the address of the Jetson is β€œ192.168.55.1” (adjust for the actual setup in your case), then this would do so without X forwarding (normal command line not involving GUI):
ssh name@

Serial console also works, and is recommended if debugging. GUI applications have additional requirements.

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hi @pulzappcheck890

If you are working on windows you can also try working with Putty software

Thank you


We recently created an article about this exact issue.. Basically we utilize keyless SSH to remotely manage our Nano without needing to be physically connected, let alone on the same network.


Thank You I installed a VNC server to jetson nano and got connected, since I also needed the GUI interface. But it can be only connected to a local network. So had to connect the jetson to another pc through the local network and got connected to GUI interface through teamviewer from the pc