Jetson Nano VNC remote network control

So for my project I need to be able to access the nano via remote network I was able to fix VNC on the nano and now I am able to control it from any computer that is connected to the same network.
My problem however is to be able to control the nano from a computer that is connected to a different network then that of the nano.
Raspberry Pi uses RealVNC for its remote access, so accessing it possible if one has an RealVNC account.
The nano however only supports Remmina and my every attempt to install RealVNC has failed. Remmina doesn’t have a remote network connection option (as for as I know).
So, i was hoping to find a way to get access to the nano via a computer that is not on the same network as the nano.

Sorry that we don’t have official tool for this request. I will let other forum user share their case.

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You can give AnyDesk a go. I have also used NoMachine over the VPN connection.

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Do you need to have a GUI? If not, you can remote SSH into it as long as its on the internet, locally or otherwise. Take a look at our write up on how to do it!

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