Connecting Jetson Nano remotely from a different location

I would like to know if it is possible to connect to the Jetson Nano remotely on different networks. I mean, I want to connect my Jetson Nano in a location that is several kilometers away from the network where I am.

I have seen solutions within the forum but all options are to connect the Jetson Nano on the same network.


This is not jetson nano problem. More like a general network problem.

If you are talking about those VNC usecase, then it has nothing to do with jetson. Those tools (e.g. teamviewer) can work in different networks just because they have their own server to handle those NAT problem. It is not due to some secret network setup on their host.

Maybe other users can share their experience for such tool.

As long as it is connected to the internet you can use to connect to it anywhere. Here is an article on how to do that using the Nano. Essentially it is an SSH session but not limited to being on the local network. Hope this helps!

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Wow, that was very helpful @ag-edge! It works perfectly for me! I really appreciate it.

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Hi @ag-edge , thanks for the great work! Is there any chance can get GUI via your SSH session? I have replicated a repo for object counting and the results will be displayed in video and I’d like to view it remotely. Something like forwarding the display
:) Many thanks!

You are very welcome!

@user63101 Not at the moment. VNC can do that or other remote desktop environments. But if you need a video output, you could try to host it on the device and broadcast to a webpage. We have a sample app that does that, albeit with a graph, that you can see and play with it. That might work out, but that is not my field of expertise.

@ag-edge :) Thanks a lot for the advice!

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