Is it possible to use additional lan cards in jetson nano?

Hello, everyone.
I want to make app which inference with DNN model and send result to multiple router with socket network. Because of that, I plan to setting up multiple lan card. So, is it possible to set up to jetson nano with additional lan card type like USB?

Thank you!

Any USB ethernet which works with a Linux PC should work with a Nano, but there are some issues to be aware of.

For one, it is highly likely that if there is a driver within the Linux kernel (not one supplied in binary format by the NIC manufacturer), then this will “just work” on a Nano if the driver is installed. You might need to build a kernel module for it. Research if the kernel has the driver available without resorting to external third-party drivers.

If the NIC consumes significant power, then perhaps you’d need an externally powered HUB. Incidentally, the dev kit micro-USB connector won’t work as a general port, so you’d need to use a regular USB port.

You won’t necessarily get the performance you want when working over USB, but so long as it is USB3, then probably performance would be acceptable.

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Thank you for your kindness answer! It is very helpful for me.