Jetson Nano LTE USB Modem

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Is the Jetson Nano is able to send data (Images) through a LTE Modem like an USB key ?
And then receive some data to configure the Jetson Nano through this kind of device ?

If yes, do I need to install specific driver on Linux kernel ?

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So far as USB goes, that is covered. The particular device on USB does need a driver. Although not a guarantee you will find that if such a driver exists for a regular desktop Linux PC, then it would work well on the Nano unless there is some architecture-specific code involved. So far as the specific driver goes desktop PCs tend to have basically everything included by default, but on a Nano you might need to add the kernel module yourself (and some modems require firmware, so you might need to add that as well). Odds are in your favor, but you’ll need to first examine what is supported for the specific hardware in Linux as a general case. Once you know this, then you can see if compiling the module succeeds with the Nano’s architecture (in other words you don’t need to buy the hardware first).

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Thanks for your informations.

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