EULA and using the code from the samples in open source software

I read through the EULA agreement a couple of times (, but it isn’t clear to me what the use of the sample code is governed by. Number 19 at the end was the only real mention of anything related to samples, but I don’t think that’s even referring to the same thing as the CUDA sample code that comes with the installation:

Whereas the samples themselves just say

So for example, assuming I left the copyright disclaimer at the top of a file that was basically just a transcription of the convolutionSeparable code into the context of the framework I have written, what does the EULA say about this?

I guess I just don’t understand how this fits in with respect to the intended license of my library, which is BSD-3 clause. What exactly is outside the terms of the EULA? Like I’m not trying to make a profit off of this library, and it’s stated very clearly where the code comes from / who retains the rights to it (NVIDIA).

So if somebody did want to use my code for a derived work with the intent of getting money for a product, then they might have legal issues they would need to deal with I suppose, but am I violating the EULA by including the (barely modified) sample code in my library?

Thank you for any thoughts!