EVGA GTX 970 SSC Overclocking does not work


the topic says it all.
I have enabled Option “28” and nvidia-settings shows the slider for fan speed and also the input fields for the memory and gpu clock offset.

BUT, the checkbox for “Enable Performance Level Editing” is missing.
Therefore i can’t apply the offsets.

Also i don’t find anything on how to adjust the vcore, it isn’t shown anywhere in nvidia-settings…

Is this a limitation in the 970 series, no overclocking yet ? (driver 346.35)

Many thanks,

No one from nvidia here to comment on that issue ?

Overvolting is only command line atm, you can only change frequency gpu/memory in nvidia-settings gui rest has to be done in terminal.

Thanks, that explains the overvolting issue. But i still miss the magic checkbox to enable memory and gpu overclocking.

I think I have the same problem, please can you try this:

nvidia-settings --query all | grep -i overvolt

for me it reports that GPUOverVoltageOffset is a read-only attribute, does it for you? It may be tied to that checkbox that I can’t find either…