How to under/overclock from command line?

I am able to change voltage settings via
nvidia-settings -a [gpu:0]/GPUOverVoltageOffset[1]=######

But i’m unable to set gpu and memory clock speeds.
The only attribute that i’ve seen that could work, is:GPUCurrentClockFreqsString
What i did was to set frequerncies via gui, copy the generated value, and then try to set it from command line; but even if it does not give an error, it simply doesn’t set it.

Powermizer is set to “prefer maximum performance” and coolbits is set to 24, everything works in thew gui.

See how it ignores the command:

# nvidia-settings -a [gpu:0]/GPUCurrentClockFreqsString="nvclock=1071, nvclockmin=135, nvclockmax=1346, nvclockeditable=1, memclock=2700, memclockmin=2700, memclockmax=2700, memclockeditable=1, memTransferRate=5400, memTransferRatemin=5400, memTransferRatemax=5400, memTransferRateeditable=1"

# nvidia-settings -q [gpu:0]/GPUCurrentClockFreqsString

  Attribute 'GPUCurrentClockFreqsString' (slimer:0[gpu:0]): nvclock=1071, nvclockmin=135, nvclockmax=1516, nvclockeditable=1, memclock=3300, memclockmin=3300, memclockmax=3300, memclockeditable=1,
  memTransferRate=6600, memTransferRatemin=6600, memTransferRatemax=6600, memTransferRateeditable=1

How can i do it? Is that supported?

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Ok, i figured it out through google.
need to set GPUMemoryTransferRateOffset and GPUGraphicsClockOffset.

The question is WHY they are not listed when one runs nvidia-settings -q all (??)

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