Nvidia Settings Memory Transfer Rate is exactly Memory Frequency?

In Windows using EVGA Precision X have option to overclock and underclock GPU processor and memory clock.
In Linux using Nvidia Settings have options to overclock and underclock GPU processor, but the memory configuration is named Memory Transfer Rate.
I have an GPU where in Precision X the memory frequency is 2500 MHZ and in Linux Memory Transfer Rate is 5010 Mhz.

In Linux Nvidia Settings Memory Transfer Rate means the GPU memory frequency ?
If not how is possible configure to change memory frequency ?

Using the command below change memory transfer rate
nvidia-settings -a "[gpu:0]/GPUMemoryTransferRateOffset[1]=X"

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Due to DDR, “memory transfer rate” is exactly twice the actual memory clock.
To overclock, you need to set coolbits
and use

VRAM even clocked in 2.5 GHZ not is hot.
Temperature is high only the GPU is having high usage.

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