Expansion Header in Jetson Nano expansion header

What is the maximum data rate on the GPIOs connected to expansion header J41 of Jetson Nano Development kit.
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hello bhagavath,

may I know what’s the actual use-case?

you may see-also Topic 190966 for increasing toggle speed.
it should use mmap to have faster speed, please refer to this example, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jwatte/jetson-gpio-example/master/gpiomem.cpp

Thanks for your response.
I need to connect a TDC (Time to Digital converter) device to this Processor. I am planning a small add ON card which can be plugged on GPIO connector (J41). I want to know the maximum data rate supported on each of the GPIOs & dedicated pins on this connector. Can I use these GPIOs as parallel bus for better data throughput?

hello bhagavath,

you need to program the GPIO via kernel level to have better performance, it’ll depends-on your implementation logic.

OK. Can I know what is the maximum possible data rate?

hello bhagavath,

please refer to Topic 68606, comment #17 for the code snippets and test results.
it’s tested on TX1 (same chip as Nano), it takes 13-sec to toggle pin for 100000-cycles. hence, the frequency of the toggle is 7692.

you may also do the same test on Nano series, the test results will correlate with CPU frequency.

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