Jetson Orin Nano (DevKIT) - latency of GPIOs

we are having the idea of using the GPIOs of our Jetson Orin Nano to receive Data with a sampling rate of min. 10MHz and a depth of 16bit.
As our application would be quite time-sensitive, we would dedicate one core of the CPU purely for that task - but I am still missing information about the expected min. - max. latency of the GPIOs.

Are there any datasheets available, which contain this information, or does someone maybe have some practical experience of what is realistic?

Thanks a lot in advance and have a great day.

hello m.j.kurz,

did you meant the latency of state change when toggle the pin? I don’t have numbers for such use-case, please have a try to evaluate this.
besides, are you using kernel API, or toggling the pin via user-space?

you may see-also below commands to adjust the priority (i.e. renice) for camera processes. and, assign CPUs individually (i.e. taskset) for camera application and also test app.
for example,

# to modify the priority, 
# its ranges from -20 (highest priority) to 19 (lowest priority), 
# and, the default is 0.
$ sudo renice -20 -p <pid>


# to specify CPU-2 and CPU-3 for executing <pid> application.
$ taskset -c -p 2,3 <pid>

Hello Jerry,

thanks a lot for your answer.
The function in question would be a bi-directional bus, based on our own protocol - if we don’t want to add an additional chip, I think only writing a kernel-module for that task would provide the required performance.

Therefore an approximate official magnitude for the latencies of the GPIOs for:

  • reading the pins values for writing them into a buffer (read)
  • toggling the values of the pins, from a buffer (write)

…would be important to know, because - dependent on how many pins we use, there would be up to at least 160MBit/s → a sampling rate of 320MHz necessary, which would require a max. latency of 3.125ns (which should not vary…).
We could use 2 pins as well, which would half the required sampling rate .

Otherwise - only trying out might help :) .

Thanks and have a great day.

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