Extremely slow compilation/dependencies with 6.0-2

SInce we upgraded to version 6.0-2 we encounter incredible long compilation times. Even building dependencies for small files takes ages. The system we are running PGI on is an AMD64 dual CPU system. Any suggestions?

touch test.c; time pgcc -M test.c
test.o : test.c

real 0m10.030s
user 0m0.026s
sys 0m0.004s

Hi nil311,

We’ve had a few reports from customers about this. Although there have been a few explainations, the most common reason was that the site was using an older version of the license manager.

Can either youself or your system administrator determine which version of “lmgrd” and “pgroupd” you are running on your licenese server? Execute each with the “-v” flag to get the version. You should be running version 10.1.3. If not, please use the lmgrd and pgroupd which accompany the 6.0 compilers.