Face corrupted after going to the A2FACE pipeline

After fitting correctly the custom mesh this explodes and it´s corrupted when the A2FACE pipeline is generated.

I Include the video with all the process step by step.

I am using v 2023.1.1 .

Any idea??

Thank you!!

At 2:30 of the video, it looks like you changed the fitted mesh to a non-fitted one. I think that step is not needed. Could you redo the setup but skip this part?

Thank you now the face is working. Now I have the problem with the eyes because they are moving all. I have only 1 single mesh per eye, maybe needs 2 meshes cornea and choroid. Or it’s the center of this eye?

I attach the video too


i believe you will need to separate the meshes (see below) and set each eye into separate slot under Character Transfer; otherwise you may encounter solve issues:


here’s how they were set up using Allison’s example


Currently what I have is one mesh for the left and another mesh for the right. But not 2 meshes per eye.

i’ve not seen this issue but i think having one mesh per eye should be fine (i believe the alien sample shipped with A2F is such case). but have you tried setting the pivot to Compute from Selected Mesh instead of Use Parent Xform and see if it makes any difference (assuming the pivots are in the correct spot)?

otherwise, i’d have to think it’s a solve issue, which could be related to the bug pertaining the order of sequence in which you did the solve:

All fixed after selecting the meshes and Compute from Selected Mesh option.


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