Face recognition model can't recognize known faces

Hi, i want to minimize my face recognition system from PC to Jetson nano

i use the example code from this link :

the code works fine on PC. but when i move the code to Jetson nano, it can’t recognize known faces.

and i just following the guidline in this link https://medium.com/@ageitgey/build-a-hardware-based-face-recognition-system-for-150-with-the-nvidia-jetson-nano-and-python-a25cb8c891fd. to solve the dlib bug on jetson nano

when i recompile the dlib, the system still can’t recognize known faces

does anyone have experience to solve this kind of problem? thanks in advance !


Could you help to check if the value of face_encodings is normal first?


the value of face encodings returned 128-dimension value and sometimes returned ‘nan’ value. and i’m using rasberry pi camera.

array when returned value:

[array([-2.71021342e+18,  5.32363354e+18, -2.49195294e+18,  8.96801266e+18... ]

array when returned nan value:

[array([nan, nan, nan, nan, nan, nan, nan, nan, nan, nan,...]


It looks like you are still having the same issue of topic_1049660:

A possible cause is that there are multiple dlib versopm in your environment and the python doesn’t use the compiled one.
Would you mind to reinstall all the dlib library first and recompile it again with the command shared above?