Problem facial recognition

I have a lot of program that does not run on jetson and that runs under a normal computer.
Simple example on github:
The programs manages to find the face with opencv. On the other hand implacible to find the name ca mets unknown. If you look at the other examples, the resolution by knn crack while if amd64 it works well.

I had tested It is same problem.

So I had reinstalled 3 times ( with pip and with package apt without python-recognition-face) and I had like result :(

I had tested the example in jetson-inference. It works well but it does not recognize people :(

Someone would have any idea ?


The sample you shared use the dlib library, which is working on the Jetson Nano.
Here is a topic to discuss dlib’s issue and the corresponding workaround:

In short, you can find the building step here:


Great it works, thanks AastaLLL.

I started to lose my head :p