Facial and body animation at the same time - How?

Hi there!
How can I put more than one facial animation on my character’s face, while having body animation on my character?
So far the methods I’ve seen aren’t enough. Connect points only connects one animation at a time. Blendshape keys cannot work with body animation at the same time.

Hi @kfir3

You can use AnimGraph to mix multiple animation clips. This tutorial shows how to mix body and face. But you could use the same method for mixing multiple face animations.


I know how to do this with a2f + a2g but just silent emotions, I do not know…

Pekka Varis

This is why I started building my own external sequencer - to combine multiple tracks (like Unity and Unreal support in their sequencers) because USD does not support it directly. Basically bake/mix the animation streams separately into a final combined clip. (I did not use the Omnigraph nodes for doing this sort of mixing as I wanted a USD-portable solution rather than relying on Omniverse technology.)

Also, in case of any interest, I wrote up a blog previously on merging a2f and a2g animation clips together using USD file references (no other code required). Seems to work…

I was actually wondering if I should invent my own USD schema for a track mixer, then could build an OV extension to edit it etc. I am currently doing it in React storing the result in JSON - but not complete and I paused the effort to try and understand if Omniverse cloud APIs for updating USD was going to be relevant.