Facial Detection+Recognition-Jetson Nano-OpenCV

For a Facial detection+recognition project on the Jetson nano using OpenCV, what is the best achievable output video frame rate? Is it possible to get frame rate above 20fps using OpenCV & DLib library?

I have JetPack 4.6.1 and would be using a 1080p USB camera on the Jetson Nano.


We don’t have the exact benchmark value for the use case.
But you can check the below table for some ideas:

In general, we recommend using Deepstream instead of dlib since it has been optimized for the Jetson environment.


Would it be possible to achieve frame rates of about 25fps on the jetson nano for facial recognition system using the DLib library & OpenCV?

What would the approx. output video frame rate if i’m using DeepStream SDK (for a facial recognition pipeline)?


We don’t have the data for dlib. Maybe you can check with the dlib team.
But for Deepstream + Nano, you can find the info below:

For example:
PeopleNet- ResNet34: 11.6fps.


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