Failed to allocate NvKmsKapiDevice in HiveOS


I have a mining rig based on HiveOS with mix of 3060, 3060ti, 3070.

Previously it was running smoothly, but after updating the driver to any version higher than 470.74, the HiveOS does not recognize the GPU anymore. And it shows an error like this:

If I stay with 470.74 everything is fine, but whenever I try to update the driver this issue occurs. My main goal is to update the driver to 510.60.02, it doesn’t work no matter what I do. Changed BIOS setting, and unplugged cards.

Please help me to find a solution for this stubborn problem.

Thanks in advance,

I guess you’re running into a known driver bug. You could try a bios update, otherwise stick with 470.74 until a newer driver version fixes it.