VMware ESXi V7.0U3d Nvidia Driver Linux 510 wont load

VMware ESXi V7.0U3d HiveOS Virtual Machine Nvidia Driver for Linux 510 won’t load
Error drm:nv_drm_load [Nvidia-drm] failed to allocate nvkmskapdevice
Error nv_drm_probe_devices [Nvidia-drm] failed to register device

VMware ESXi-7.0U3d-19482537-standard
HP ProLiant DL380 Gen 9 - running the latest firmware


Nvidia Graphics Cards using PCI Passthrough
Reserve all guest memory (All Locked) - Enabled
Expose IOMMU to the guest OS - Disabled
Enable virtualized CPU performance counters - Disabled
Expose hardware-assisted virtualization to the guest OS - Disabled
Boot - EFI
UEFI Secure Boot - Disabled
hypervisor.cpuid.v0 - FALSE
pciPassthru.use64bitMMIO - TRUE
pciPassthru.64bitMMIOSizeGB - 64

Works fine with Nvidia Driver 470.82.0 or bypassing ESXi and booting directly from HiveOS USB

Testing running the latest HiveOS with Kernel 5.10.0-hiveos #110 & Nvidia Driver 510.60.02 & 515.43.04

I would request you to post query on below virtual GPU forum for better attention.

Hi, But this isnt a vGPU as its a 3070 ti and passed through directly to the OS.


What changes were made in 470.86 because 470.82.01 works but 470.86 upwards doesnt?