Vmware Esxi 7.0U2a, After installing Nvidia driver .VIB Nothing Happens

Hi I really need help on getting started with out Nvidia vgpu. However during the installation of the “NVIDIA-GRID-vSphere-7.0” on vmware Esxi 7.0U2a, we could manage to install the VIB file on the esxi successfully. However after checking with “vmkload_mod -l | grep nvidia” nothing comes up. Also with "dmesg | grep -E “NVRM|nvidia” the results doesn’t not match with the tutorial video. And running “nvidia-smi” says that the driver cannot connect with server and asks to download the latest version driver. We tried all the version with their allocated esxi versions same thing occurs. Please do help with this issue. Thankyou.

Pictures with information of the Vmware version and Output has been given below :

It looks like you are running ESX within VMWare Workstation and what I can see from the processor this won’t be a supported hardware. There is a good reason why vGPU is only supported on qualified servers.

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Can you please explain what do you mean by unsupported hardware. What if I boot esxi directly from a pen drive rather using vmware workstation.

Depending on the GPU the hardware needs to fullfill different requirements. You didn’t even mention which GPU you are trying to use. For example you need to enable SR-IOV for several GPUs which I don’t think is working in a vested virtualization. It might work in other servers/workstations but please understand that we cannot be of much help then.


Hello there we chose nvidia’s vgpu enterprise version “https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/data-center/resources/vgpu-evaluation/“ using this link. For our project we selected Rtx 6000 version as our vgpu. However upon following the YouTube tutorial by nvidia we faced some errors and, now here in the forums we seek guide, we saw Simon successfully helped a guy out with his problems. We hope our problems do get solved too.

Thank you for the helping us with your precious time.

Hi, GPU is fine but again: Without knowing which server hardware and BIOS settings it is almost impossible to help. Please don’t expect that you will get some help on non qualified hardware as this is most likely the source of failure.