Failed to ibv_modify_qp, qp num: 951, errno says: Invalid argument (22)

Hi.I have recently upgraded my OS to RH 7.5.From then I am encountering troubles in APM.

I have 2 active ports in the client machine.(server also supports 2 ports).These ports are passively bonded.(Only primary path will be used for data transfer)

APM : mlx4_1 - IB device - port 1 - state active and lid 23

APM : mlx4_1 - IB device - port 2 - state active and lid 26

When I try to establish a connection.I always modify the QP state from MIGRATED to REARM if APM is supported.In this case the QP state was in MIGRATED state.It has valid **alt_ah_attr.**dlid as well

[QP state = RTS mig state = MIGRATED]

altport = 1 alt_pbits = 0 altdlid = 33

When I call ibv_modify_qp with IBV_MIG_REARM ,it is throwing the Invalid argument (22) error. I am pretty sure the the arguments passed to the function are correct and worked properly in past.

What can be the reason for this?


What is the adapter type? ConnectX-3? ConnectX-3 Pro?

Also, what is the protocol type? Infiniband or Ethernet/RoCE?

Also, what is the kernel version?

It should work from upstream kernel 4.X and above.

we are using ConnectX-3 adapter with Infiniband 56G, We are using RHEL 7.6 3.10.0-957.el7. Is there a fix available for this.If not when will it be fixed?