Faster boot time - different desktop environment maybe?

Hello -

It is important to my application to reduce the boot time as much as possible (ideal - 13 seconds, but every little bit helps).
I was thinking of booting to a lighter desktop (like xfce), or even more ideally, if I could avoid loading a desktop at all and only open the one application I intend to use… Has anyone done this and can offer some insight? Did it work, what did you use, how much did it reduce boot time, how did you do it, are there tutorials out there?
Also if anyone has other suggestions on how to reduce boot time, I would gladly take those as well. I tried removing processes I don’t need (sound, bluetooth, etc) but it doesn’t seem to have had any effect.

Thank you in advance!

Hi aentin,

Please refer to below thread to see if can help:

Thank you… I had already looked at that thread. I was hoping to hear from someone that had actually succeeeded in reducing booting… the answer on that post seems as if they haven’t tried it yet “I do not have a board at hand at this moment to test it, if I had a chance I will take a look at it. ”