Light Weight OS image

I am working on a project where the boot time should be as short as possible. Is there a lighter version of the operating system image? If not, Is there any ways to decrease the boot time ?
thanks in advance,

What’s your target and what’s current boot time?

My system runs automatically after booting, so the boot time + system startup time is about 70 seconds (the system startup itself doesn’t take more than 20 seconds so the boot time takes most of the time). My target for both boot time and system startup time is around 30 seconds

hello user147114,

please refer to developer guide for Kernel Boot Time Optimization.
in addition,
there’s Cboot boot-up sequence for waiting user-input, you may modify Cboot sources if you need to further reduce the boot-up time,
for example,

void enter_shell_upon_user_request(void)
        /* wait for 2 seconds for an input from user to enter SHELL */
        pr_info("Hit any key to stop autoboot:");
        for (i = 4; i > 0; i--) {
                if (tegrabl_getc_wait(500) > 0) {

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