Optimizing Bootloader and Kernel to decrease boottime of Xavier

I am trying to decrease the boot time of Xavier and I would like to optimize bootloader and kernel of the system. However, I can not find a solution that is working.
I am looking for a useful guide to optimize the bootloader and kernel.
Please ground me in the optimization of the bootloader and kernel.
Best Regards.

Not an answer, but Xavier can be a bit more complicated since it skips U-Boot and boots directly from CBoot. Most of what you optimize will be from the Linux kernel and whatever services are used during startup.

I can’t answer specific improvement points, but if you use a serial console and save a log of the boot, then you’ll be able to spot the longer timestamps and narrow down to whatever operations in the log takes longer than others. Often this will be of one of either:

  • Detection of something you don't have, e.g., no need to try to detect TFTP boot or USB SATA if you don't have that.
  • Things which have a timeout and wait for the timeout...you may want to skip detection of those components, or detect only after the rest of boot is done. You may not be able to avoid some issues, such as waiting for DHCP, but other timeouts might be something you can skip or delay until later.