AGX Xavier Boot Time


we have a custom carrier board for the Jetson AGX Xavier. The Boot Time (from coldboot to login prompt) is 45 s. I whould like to tune this.

I compiled the UEFI image in debug version and profiled the boot. I can’t identify one problematic spot, because the boot time is almost equally distributed over the boot.

What i know this far:

  • Bootloader takes approx. 4 s
  • UEFI takes approx. 22 s
  • Linux Kernel to login prompt takes approx. 19 s

My goal is to reduce bootloder and UEFI to under 2 s. Is this a realisic expectation?

The Boot Log shows several warnings and errors. IMHO i should address the errors first, then the warnings. Do you agree this is the right strategy?

The first error in MB2 is:
[0000.302] E> DEVICE_PROD: Invalid value data = 70020000, size = 0.

I think this error is caused by a missing Prod Configuration, because i can’t find any in my hardware/nvidia/platform/t19x/common/bct/
I read MB1 Platform Configuration — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation . But i still dont have a clue how to create a Prod Configuration.

Can you help me, please?

Best regards,

complete_boot_log_.txt (173.6 KB)

One known reduction is the wait time in UEFI. Please check Jetson AGX Orin FAQ

Q: There is a wait in UEFI stage. How to disable it to accelerate system booting?

And remove it.

Hi DaneLLL,

as far as i understand, it is not possible for UEFI to boot in under 17 s (when 5 s delay is removed).

Can i replace UEFI by a faster bootloader?

Best regards,

You may try Jetpack 4 release. The latest version is 4.6.3 and the bootloader is cboot.
For Jetpack 5 releases, the bootloader is UEFI.

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