Optimization of startup time for Jetson AGX Orin 35.3.1

Hello, how can I shorten the startup time after powering on my autonomous machine.
Could you please remind me in which areas to shorten?

Hi 1098852226,

Are you using the AGX Orin or AGX Xavier?
Is that the devkit or custom board?

You could refer to the following instruction for boot time optimization.
Boot Time Optimization — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation (nvidia.com)
It may depends on the custom usage.

In addition, you could remove 5s boot delay in UEFI waiting for user’s interrupt to enter UEFI.
You could also update the latest UEFI from Build without docker with r35.3.1-updates branch, there are 4s improvement in boot time.

Sorry, my title is incorrect. I am using Jetson AGX Orin.I didn’t use your development kit. We used our own customized board
I would like to know if removing 5s boot delay in UEFI waiting has any impact on my use of UEFI
Does disabling console printing on UART mean I cannot use the debugging serial port properly?

Yes, it is a big problem for many people to develop without the serial port. You need this for serial console. However, consider that boot stages are basically their own operating system, and then when the Linux kernel loads, it is a new operating system. It is possible to enable or disable serial console in the two stages separately, without removing the other. My advice though is to not remove serial console. On the other hand, it is printing at 115200 baud rate, and although this is pretty fast for someone who is a typist, it does slow boot.

I don’t think any higher baud rates are available on serial console, but it would be fascinating if someone could get it to run at a higher speed, e.g., double, and compare boot times. One of the problems is that the UARTs in the system have a slight error in clock rates as speed goes above 115200, and eventually need two stop bits; a bit faster and it won’t even work with two stop bits. I think double speed would not be an issue, I’ve not seen issues arrive until roughly half a Mbaud, but even that is not always a problem.

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It should be fine w/o this 5s delay in UEFI. You could just configure that (Autoboot time) in UEFI menu or remove from UEFI source and rebuild binary.

Yes, if you disable the debug UART, you would be hard to debug and also check the boot time through serial console log. We would not suggest disable debug UART.

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