Optimizing Boot time

I am working on optimizing the startup time and I used the Jetson Linux 35.4.1. My goal is to optimize the startup time(from powering on to displaying user login) to 20 seconds and the current startup time is 34 seconds. Is there anyone who can provide help?
The optimizations I am currently making include
followed the Boot Time Optimization — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation
Set UEFI waiting time as 0s .
The serial port log of the current startup is as follows
boot_log.docx (42.1 KB)
Is there a method to optimize MB1, MB2, and UEFI boot time ?
Or related methods for kernel optimization ?

Hi 13777856592,

Are you using the devkit or custom board for Orin Nano?

You could enable the timestamp in serial console log first to check what affect the boot time most.

Have you removed the 5s autoboot delay in UEFI?

I am using the devkit for Orin Nano and I have removed the 5s autoboot delay in UEFI. How to enable the timestamp in serial console log?

It depends on your serial console application.
I’m using minicom and could enable timestamp with the following steps.
CTRL-A => Z => N

I have used minicom and enable timestamp.The new log :
boot_log.txt (141.0 KB)
It seems take 31s to boot. Besides removing console=ttyTCU0,115200 to optimize boot time, are there any other optimization methods for UEFI or others?

You could refer to following thread to remove the unused feature in UEFI.
Optimizing UEFI boot time - #8 by ts01399984

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