Faster rcnn

When I used this web( to install faster -rcnn on tx2, the error is on the top picture.

How can I solve it?

I think you need to install opencv, specifically the 3.4.0 version. But it would be better to see all the CMake information is giving to you in the terminal, paste it here if you can.

When I used this web( ) to install faster -rcnn on tx2, I use this code line"make runtest".Then I appears this fault( open shared object file:No such file or dictory). But tx2 has I have install opencv 3.4.7.

But have you checked if opencv has installed? Like in this post?

In the post, CMake should give you an output message with all the configuration.
Also, open the terminal, type python and import opencv. Did python recognize opencv like at the end of the post?

I am not that keen on the matter, but the post is 2 years old. This project was build on a specific JetPack version, I don’t know how this will affect.

I used this web( to install opencv 3.4.7.

You should use the instructions of the post to build opencv, not another ones. Also, for running faster rcnn it specifically says you should test on python2, the screenshot is tested in python3.
I would suggest to first get the prerequisites of the post right.
Reinstall opencv with the specific instructions of the post in the prerequisite section.

I followed this web( to install faster rcnn on tx2. When I training pyfaster rcnn,I have these bugs below picture.

Also,when I run camera with pyfaster rcnn on tx2, I use the code to ./tools/ . But it has these bugs below the picture.