Fedora 32 450.66 Static Blocks and Screen Blanking

Sorry if something was already posted, I searched through recent topics.
I’m having numerous issues after updating the GPU drivers to 450.66 on my Thinkpad P53 with Quadro RTX 4000. I primarily use a Lenovo TB3 dock with an external 4K monitor.
I get these big blocks of “static”/noise on the screen at random times. It seems to mostly be triggered by certain web pages, but it also appears in the terminal, or when I’m in virtualbox. I’ve tried several browsers, and the same web pages trigger it on all of them. It stays there until I scroll the page or something.
The monitor menu overlay shows over the static too, so I don’t believe it’s the monitor itself.

I’ve also tried using an HDMI cable instead of the DisplayPort one on my dock, which gets rid of the static issue but the screen will then unpredictably blank for ~10-15 seconds every couple minutes.

Since this is my work machine, I’d really rather just downgrade instead of continually struggling with the issue at this point unless somebody has some ideas, or similar issues.
I tried downgrading to 440.82, but then my system boots with Nouveau, which is basically unusable on my system. I believe it’s because akmod isn’t building, but I’m not sure how to fix it. The logs show:
/usr/share/nvidia-kmod-440.82/nvidia-kmod-440.82-x86_64.tar.xz: Cannot open: No such file or directory
Only a folder for the 450 drivers is present in /usr/share. I have no clue how to get the 440.82 package there… (I installed kmod-nvidia 440.82 as well).
I appreciate any help, thank you.

Edit: I should also mention, I run Gnome, and I’ve tried both x11 and wayland

Quick update, I downgraded my dock firmware (thinkpad tb3 workstation dock gen2) to version 3.1.64 and I’m not seeing this issue any more. You can just run the old update tool and it will replace the dock firmware with the older version.

I suspected the dock since plugging HDMI directly into the laptop worked without issue, and I’ve had problems with the dock in the past, specifically booting to a blank external screen. (Which downgraded firmware fixed). I hope that helps somebody.

I’ll run it for a day or two to see if it comes back up, and then I suppose call it (mark solution) after that.

Edit - No issues at all after a couple days, so I guess that was it.