FFT Quadro vs. Tesla Cannot create FFT plan on Tesla

I’ve got some CUDA code that, among other things, does an FFT on an image.

The code is verified to work on my Quadro FX570M laptop. However, when I try to run it on my Tesla C1060 desktop, cufftSafeCall() returns a CUFFT error in file.

cufftHandle myPlan;

cufftSafeCall( cufftPlan2d(&myPlan, FFT_Height, FFT_Width, CUFFT_C2C) );

// this second line here is the line number that gets returned as causing the error

Any insight as to what my be causing this breakage?

I’m running Windows Vista 64-bit on both systems. I have been compiling with sm_10 on the FX570 as well as the Tesla machine. I also tried sm_13 on the Tesla machine but that didn’t change anything.