Finishing cuDNN installation in Visual Studio is hard


I’m not familiar with Visual Studio and cuDNN installation requires me to “Include cudnn.lib in your Visual Studio project.” All phases before this were quick but this one has taken few hours already and I’ve installed maybe 10-15GB of presumably useless modules – and I haven’t make any progress.

I’ve just today installed the Visual Studio 2017 on 64-bit Win10.

The installation guide prompts following:
a) Open the Visual Studio project and right-click on the project name.
b) Click Linker > Input > Additional Dependencies.
c) Add cudnn.lib and click OK

I’ve created countless of new different projects to try to find this “Linker”, that shows nowhere. I’ve clicked everything. Very many times.

Thank you for your help!

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I am having the same problem as you. After completing the whole installation I cannot link the cuDNN library to any project or application, as the option menu is not as expected in the tutorials.
The linker option only appears if I open an already built sample project, but if I generate a Python, Tensorflow or whatever new application, these options doesn´t appear. A simple options menu (and a bit useless) appears.

Do you already have the solution for this? I understand that It should be something easy, but as you, I am not use to work with VS, so it´s hard to put everything in its place to start working as no tutorial explain it properly.

Someone knows if there is another option to run GPU programs in windows apart from VS? (python IDLE, or something similar…)

Thanks in advance!

Hello, yes, I solved the problem, but do not really remember exactly how. (Getting everything right was very long process and I’ve possibly installed 10-50GB unnecessary things in the process.)
I do recall that I did install Anaconda and installed a lot of things from there. Unfortunately I do not know how to get you started with it…

can you please remember it back for me

My “solution” in the end was to ignore this step and proceed with the tensorflow installation…

I am installing tensorflow-gpu on windows 10 today. I just ignored this step and tensorlfow works (at least in minimal sample codes from tensorflow windows installation instruction)

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My guess is that it’s for using cudnn on existing visual stuido projects but not required if you just want to enable tf-gpu

try this

the best introduction for the new in the visual studio which i spend 12 hours and still no solution. nice!