Flashing uboot instead of cboot in TX2 4GB SOM with SDK 32.4.3

i want to flash my own compiled uboot on Tx2 4GB som board,what changes i need to do in flash.sh and .conf file. in present flash.sh bydefault it is taking cboot.bin as a bootloader.

any help will be appreciated.


You can replace the u-boot.bin under Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/t186ref/.

and for TX2, flash.sh with -r -k kernel will flash the uboot.

so you are saying i should copy u-boot file in folder Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/t186ref/ and run flash.sh command with -r -k.
but in flash.sh option what i see is
-K ---------- Kernel image file such as zImage or Image.
-L ------ Bootloader such as cboot.bin or u-boot-dtb.bin.

i think i should pass flash.sh with -r -L option not with -K,right for flashing uboot?

How about you just search u-boot.bin on your folder first?

right now i am copying explicitly my uboot binary after uboot compilation into folder /bootloader/t186ref/p2771-0000/.
so from these path i can pick uboot for flashing right or i should copy it to only bootloader directory.

And… actually this tool is being widely used for every jetson platform since TK1. The options you see here may not reveal the actual or correct one…

If you are confused by the options here, just replace the uboot binary and do the flash with -r should be fine.

in flash.sh script for bootloader they are picking cboot binary for flashing i think that name i should replace from flash.sh script and copy my uboot that should work right

Not sure what name you are talking about… but it sounds not correct.

Cboot and uboot are different bootloader and both of them are needed to boot your TX2…

The boot process is :

If you remove the cboot, then boot will fail too.

Actually issue is that it is picking default uboot during flashing,i am not able to flash my own uboot,my changes is not reflecting in uboot so thats why i want to know from where it is picking default uboot and how i can replace it with my own uboot?

The uboot.bins are only 2 files. If replacing one cannot take effect, then replace both of them to try.

Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader$ find -iname “u-boot.bin”

yes it is working now after copying these file to these folder.

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