jetpack 3.1 -k EBT jetson-tx1 mmcblk0p1

I use jetpack 3.1 and use the cmd sudo -k EBT jetson-tx1 mmcblk0p1 to flash uboot only according to the l4t_doc R28.1.but,I find this cmd does not flash my u-boot-dtb.bin to my TX1 board while jetpack3.0 does.
what shuold I do?

thanks and please help.

and I find RBTFILE is cboot.bin.encrypt,what is cboot.bin.encrypt and where is it from? There is no cboot.bin.encrypt when I compile the uboot code.

hello lianghu,

please try to update the u-boot with below command

sudo ./flash -r -k LNX jetson-tx1 mmcblk0p1

the encryption was done by flashing progress, you could also refer to for more details.

Hi Jerry,

This cmd flash boot.bin to my board,also not u-boot-dtb.bin.

The code of R28.1 is different from R24.2.1 for TX1,I am at a loss.haha.


cboot.bin is the source of cboot.bin.encrypt.But where is cboot.bin from?

hello lianghu,

please refer to 28.1 Release Development Guide, please check below chapters.
U-Boot Customization-> Before Flashing-> Flashing U-Boot Full L4T Image

also, you could find the cboot information in the Boot Loader chapter. thanks

Hi JerryChang,

I develop the TX1 platform in version 24.2.1 and according to the “Tegra_Linux_Driver_Package_Development_Guide” document, the command to just flash u-boot is “sudo ./ –k EBT mmcblk0p1”.
The method you mention is “sudo ./flash -r -k LNX jetson-tx1 mmcblk0p1”
I am confused the two partition between LNX and EBT, or they have the same result for U-boot flash.


Hi JerryChang,

Another question.
Because of some reasons, I need to test between 24.2.0 and 24.2.1.
When I execute the same command “sudo ./flash -r -k LNX jetson-tx1 mmcblk0p1”, the 24.2.1 could be updated successfully, but 24.2.0 was failed, according to the message the system.img exit in 24.2.1.
After I remove the “-r” option, the 24.2.0 could also be updated successfully.
What’s the influence of system.img file and when I flash U-boot, Is’t a necessary file.


There are many hidden partitions, I would have to wonder if one of those is incompatible between R24.2.0 and R24.2.1…even a size difference would be able to cause problems (imagine needing to squeeze more bytes into a partition than partition layout allows). You’d have to clone each individual partition and compare size between what the size shows for a clone via R24.2.0 and R24.2.1. That’s just one example, I’m also curious about the specific incompatibility and do not know.


May I know the detail or just the difference between EBT and LNX for u-boot flash?
It’s so confusing for me that the partition suggested in the NVIDIA official document is EBT, but the partition mentioned here is LNX.

Thanks for any advice.

Prior to R28.1 these t210 docs applied, you may find them of interest:

I don’t know of equivalent docs under R28.1 or the TX2 (the t186).