Flexible and Powerful Ray Tracing with NVIDIA OptiX 8

Originally published at: https://developer.nvidia.com/blog/flexible-and-powerful-ray-tracing-with-optix-8/

In the realm of computer graphics, achieving photorealistic visuals has been a long-sought goal. NVIDIA OptiX is a powerful and flexible ray-tracing framework, enabling you to harness the potential of ray tracing. NVIDIA OptiX is a GPU-accelerated, ray-casting API based on the CUDA parallel programming model. It gives you all the tools required to implement…

With OptiX, developers hit the ground running with:

  • A fast track to hardware accelerated features that exist with NVIDIA
  • Performance - faster and improved support for motion blur and multi-level instancing

This provides flexibility for developers to use it on specific scenes and allow them to scale.

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