Floating point exception

I am running a standalone Isaac Sim application via Python from the command line.

The scene contains about 20 objects and a robot.

When I make the robot hit a cuboid (the robot is moving quite fast), shortly after the hit, the simulation crashes with the following error:

./python.sh: line 46: 4468 Floating point exception(core dumped) $python_exe "$@" $args

However, when the viewport’s camera is in the default position, seeing very little of the robot and the cuboid, the error does not occur.

Does anybody know what can cause this error?

Thank you

Can you provide the script that reproduces the issue?
and the log file (the path is printed at the start when you run python.sh)

That would be quite difficult. Firstly, the project is quite large and upon small modifications (e. g. decreasing the speed of the robot) the error did not occur. Secondly, I have already made a lot of changes to it.

I know it would be hard to debug without the source and logs but I just wanted to know if anyone has an idea what could cause this.

Got it, If it does come up again, isolating it to some subset of python calls might also be helpful, even if its not a fully working sample. The full log is useful in case physx printed any warnings about the simulation becoming unstable

I encountered similar issues before. It happened when part of the robot initilized inside some other meshes. The error handling part of Isaac Sim is not very good.

@nikepupu9 , as mentioned above by Hammad in previous comment, please provide the log which contains the issue and we can take a look.