fortran parallel loop in Vista 64 bit


I am trying to run a fortran do loop in parallel. One variable needs to be of type FIRSTPRIVATE.

  1. If I do specify the variable as SHARED the code runs but the result is different each time I run it with multiple threads, which makes sense, due to the variable which needs to be private.
  2. If I run the code with FIRSTPRIVATE, the program crashes at the start of this loop (Windows error message: “The program stopped working”). Only allowing one thread does not make any diffference.
  3. If I run the same code on a unix system everything works.
    However for different reasons I want to run it in windows.

Does anybody have any ideas?



Hi Boris,

I’m not sure. Can you send a note to with the source which exhibits the problem? I’d like to have an engineer look at it to see if there is a PGI compiler or openmp runtime issue, or if it’s a Windows issue.