Founders 2080 Ti detected but Asus 2080 Ti Turbo not detected

I have 8 GPUs, 3 Founders RTX 2080 Ti and 4 Asus RTX 2080 Ti Turbo. I also have 1 PNY GTX GT 1030. These are all new cards.

The Founders and PNY cards work, but all the Asus cards do not work. When I slot all 2080 Ti cards, only 3 out of 7 devices appear in nvidia-smi using a SuperMicro X11DPX-T motherboard. I tried the individual cards in an Asus ROG Rampage VI Extreme Encore motherboard and it appears all the Asus cards do not work. The Founders and PNY cards work on the Asus motherboard. Cards are plugged directly into the boards.

I think it is unlikely all the new cards are defective. However, the Asus cards appear not to show up in the Asus motherboard bios…

Both systems are using Ubuntu Cinnamon 20.04. What could be causing this issue with the 4 Asus cards, and how do I resolve it?

Hello, and welcome to the CUDA-GDB forum.
This forum is dedicated to discussions of the CUDA-GDB debugger. It sounds like you’re having either hardware or installation issues. You might have better luck in the
CUDA Setup and Installation forum.

As you’re having issues w/ hardware detection, it might be helpful to run lspci | grep NVIDIA and provide this output in your forum post. This will help others diagnose whether or not your NVIDIA cards are visible on the PCI bus of your system