Fq2bam Update for Hi-C data processing. BWA-MEM version?


I am wondering whether there are plans to update the BWA-MEM version that underlies the FQ2BAM tool?

Currently it seems to be built on the bwa-0.7.15 version. However there have been multiple features included in the most recent version (bwa-0.7.17, released Oct. 2017) such as the “-5” tag which is necessary to process Hi-C data. As this technology becomes commonplace in scientific research, especially for high quality genome assembly and haplotype phasing, I believe it should a crucial focus for updating the Parabricks toolkit to use updated versions of the underlying tools they are accelerating. I understand that this is probably a complex issue, but without these features, the Parabricks tools will become quickly outdated as new technologies requiring updated analysis tools are adopted.

I’d like to know whether the devs are aware of these missing features, and if there are updates in the pipeline to be expected/the timeline of their possible releases.

Thank you,
Mike Q.