Frame crop based on detected bounding box and send the crop image via kafka

• Hardware Platform = Jetson
• DeepStream Version = 5.0
• JetPack Version = 32.4.3-20200625213809
** Source type = CSI Camera **

I am able to run deepstream-test5 app with Kafka broker.
I want to crop frames according to the predicted bounding box and send the cropped image via Kafka message.

I reviewed the code in deepstream-image-meta-test and it seems the way to go.
But I still have some difficulties with how to push that additional metadata and send it via the Kafka broker.


Sorry for a late reply.
Check this,
Generating custom metadata for different type of objects:
In addition to common fields provided in NvDsEventMsgMeta structure, user can also create custom objects and attach to buffer as NVDS_EVENT_MSG_META metadata.
To do that NvDsEventMsgMeta provides “extMsg” and “extMsgSize” fields. User can create custom structure, fill that structure and assign the pointer of that structure as “extMsg” and set the “extMsgSize” accordingly.
If custom object contains fields that can’t be simply mem copied then user should also provide function to copy and free those objects.

Refer generate_event_msg_meta() to know how to use “extMsg” and “extMsgSize” fields for custom objects and how to provide copy/free function and attach that object to buffer as metadata.