Frame/packet info after encoding

Q: How to acquire frame / vPacket information like frame type etc. after encoding to bitstream i.e. NvEncoder::GetEncodedPacket(…).

There should be some structure I can cast to.
Cannot find anything in docs.
Please advise.

Thanks in advance.

Hi dima.borovikov,

information like frame type etc.
Please refer to NvEncLockBitstream() and its usage along with NV_ENC_LOCK_BITSTREAM. Will this have an information you looking for?

There should be some structure I can cast to
NvEncoder::GetEncodedPacket() returns a vector of per-frame bitstreams today, and there’s no way to get the associated metadata without modifying the signature and implementation of this function.
vPacket is a C++ vector, where it’s each element in turn is a vector that points to an encoded bistream of a frame. GetEncoderPackets() retrieves bitstream for all the encoded frames and populates vPacket for an application to consume/use. You could tweak this sample as per your needs.

Hope this helps.