Frame presentation issue. All driver versions

issue example at 25% speed from 60fps game, instead of showing proper frame it jumps back to a frame which is 3 frames old and then continues with the most recent one.

This happens with and without compositor, with and without composition/fullcomposition pipeline in any app, browser, etc.
Without compositor and composition pipeline there is multiple tearing lines, in between which it is possible to see those outadet frames.
This also happens on both Xorg and Wayland (wlroots gl and vulkan).
This also happens on any driver version, both propriatary and open.

Only time this doesn’t happen is when there is no compositor or compositionpipeline and app/game is in its native fullscreen mode and has vsync turned on and runs on vulkan.

Good way to see it is to open any YT video like this and enjoy the stutters or also multiple tearing lines if no compositor or composition pipeline is present.

I tried to upload log, but this site gives out an error. Here is a link to github.

Arch zen 6.0
525.60.11 prop
60hz HDMI screen.

+Sync to VBlank
+Allow Flipping (without it there is tearing, which is constatly present at the top 1/7th part of app’s window regardless of its size, same happens without compositor or composition pipeline if app/game has vsync on and in windowed/tiled mode)

This issue exists as long as I remember myself using Nvidia GPUs across different Linux systems.