Freeze, crash in Debian Jessie with dual Quadro K600

This is following up from a issue I originally emailed to NVIDIA regarding the 340.24 drivers on a dual-K600, four monitor system. I have been able to relatively isolate the issue - using a fresh install of Debian Jessie (testing) and the packages of 340.24 included in it, you basically just have to log into GNOME and start doing something - anything. The display except for input freezes, then input freezes too, then you can’t do anything until a few minutes pass (presumably screensaver timeout) and the monitors one-by-one flicker and turn off, then your whole X session is forcefully exited with lots of messages to dmesg and you’re returned to the login screen.

I’ve uploaded a PDF with repro instructions - I actually did the install using the debootstrap approach since I wanted to still use this machine while it was installing, but I’ve highlighted what the equivalent USB install would do, then the common parts of the reproduction.

I’ve also uploaded an nvidia-bug-report log from the exact scenario I describe near the end.

[EDIT: swapped out dropbox link for attachments.]
fresh-install-1.log.gz (57 KB)

Repro problem with 340 drivers - Checkvist.pdf (52.8 KB)

FWIW - I chronicle my initial experience with this bug on my blog here:

Also, my workaround was to revert to a 331 series release that contained sufficiently-high x server support (331.89) - I’ve uploaded the packages to that blog post. is blocked by IT. Please attach repro-step-pdf and nvidia bug report to your above comment .

Sorry to hear your IT department is so draconian. Looked for an attachment option when initially opening the thread but couldn’t find one, just a link item, hence the dropbox link.

They’re attached now.

Tracking this issue under Bug 200030493 : Freeze, crash, Xids in Debian Jessie with dual Quadro K600 with Base Mosaic

Can’t seem to find the bug - am I looking on the right site?

I’m having similar problem… Could it be the same of this Debian report? (although my version is 340.32; the used version in this report)

rpavlik, the bug tracker is not public. I just looked it up and the bug is open for investigation.

We are investigating this issue. We’ll keep you posted.

Is this still on anyone’s radar? I no longer have access to the machine in question, but can provide contact with those who do (Glen Galvin at Iowa State University VRAC - I think your Quadro folks know him well).