Frequency reduction will occur after frequency locking

Use the stress command to perform a pressure test, and use jetson_clock command locks the frequency, the CPU occasionally drops the frequency, which does not occur on the other Orin Devkit.

I use jtop rc4.0.2 version.The screenshot is as follows. thanks!

You mean the test was done with your custom carrier board?

These two modules are devkit modules, and the board is customized

There are too many factors here. So I would suggest you clarify them on your side first

  1. You are using RT patch

  2. Your are using custom board

  3. Run the stress so we are not sure if this normal behavior. For example, maybe over current happened and cause sudden throttling. dmesg will tell.

Please clarify which one is the exact factors that may trigger issue so that we can look into.

What is RT patches?

Oh, sorry. My mistake. I thought you are talking about your added rc patch. Please ignore that.

Please only check 2,3.

Yes, it’s the current problem, thank you

Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support? Thanks

No,thank you

Thanks, issue closed.

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