Allowed GPU frequencies in AGX Orin

I was checking the allowed GPU frequencies on 2 AGX Orin devkits I have, and was surprised to see different outputs.

On the first device (R34.1.1), I see this:
$ sudo cat /sys/devices/17000000.ga10b/devfreq/17000000.ga10b/available_frequencies
114750000 216750000 318750000 420750000 522750000 624750000 726750000 828750000 930750000 1032750000 1134750000 1236750000 1300500000

On the other device (R35.2.1), I see:
$ sudo cat /sys/devices/17000000.ga10b/devfreq/17000000.ga10b/available_frequencies
306000000 408000000 510000000 612000000 714000000 816000000 918000000 1020000000 1122000000 1224000000 1300500000

As far as I know, nothing else is different between the two devkits. Is this expected? Are allowed frequencies changed in JetPack releases?

r34.1.1 is developer preview and the mode may not be stable. Please check the mode when flashing production releases.

The power modes are listed in
Jetson Orin Nano Series, Jetson Orin NX Series and Jetson AGX Orin Series — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation

And you can get information about the Orin module by running the command:
Jetson AGX Orin FAQ

Q: How to know if I use Orin developer kit or Orin 32GB module?

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