Orin AGX thermal difference and firmware

I’ve read information about GPU power gating here: Thermal sensor data error in AGX Orin

All of my Orin AGXs running Jetpack 5.1 [L4T 35.2.1] exhibit this behavior. That is, the GPU temp sensor reads -256000 when the GPU isn’t in use. But I have one Orin AGX running Jetpack 5.0.1 [L4T 34.1.1] where the GPU temp can be read at any time even with no GPU processes running. I am trying to find an explanation in this difference in behavior. Can it be explained by the firmware difference? The Orin running Jetpack 5.0.1 is a 32 GB model and the rest are 64 GB models.

Hi nbnv,

There should be few modifications from the early release.
The expected behavior for latest release is just like the thread you shared, it would report -256000 if the GPU is in idle.

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